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Great Reasons To Choose Boatbookings for your next yacht charter

Boatbookings is a yacht charter agent, providing the widest selection of quality yachts from around the world. We do the work for you – by understanding your specific requirements and then searching for the right boat at the best price possible. We work with the highest quality Charter Operators and Boat Owners so that we have a broad selection, giving you a “one stop shop” for many of the best yachts in the world.

We know that chartering a yacht can be time consuming, that quality is variable, and that you want to take the risk and anxiety out of finding the perfect yacht. We've put over 5000 charterers on the water, with virtually 100% customer satisfaction. That's because we know the yachts, regions and crews, and can find the right boat for you!

By working with Boatbookings, you get:

Free, impartial advice on yachts, locations or just about any aspect of yacht chartering

A personalised proposal of boat(s) that will meet your requirements and needs

Quality Yachts. The quality of charter boats varies significantly. We know the boats, crews, and operators, and will guide you to yachts that are of high quality. Whenever possible we check out the boats ourselves, and have daily interaction with the operators of your boats.

Our experience and International Network. We do hundreds of charters a year, and our worldwide team researches all boats we propose.

Commitment to YOUR satisfaction. We want you to book your charters through us year after year. We know you'll only do that if we provide a superior service. That's why we work so hard to provide you with the perfect charter. We've put over 25,000 satisfied charterers on yachts since our founding in 2006!

Memberships in the key charter Associations. We belong to FYBA, CYBA, APSA, ECPY and use MYBA contracts for our crewed charters.  These give you protections and security on your charter.

The same or better price if you book through us. We get paid an Agent Fee by the Charter Operators, not by you, but the price you are charged is the same as the Operators charge. So you get the best of all worlds by going through us: one stop shopping, best price, impartial advice, quality, and someone on your side!

How to work with us

All you need to do is fill out a "no obligation" charter request and we'll research your needs and propose the yachts that best meet your criteria. It's as simple as that.

Explore the South Pacific on a yacht charter

If you'd rather browse through the boats yourself, we offer information, pictures and specifications on thousands of quality boats and an extensive library of chartering information. There are several places to start. You can go to our bareboat, crewed yacht. catamaran or Super Yacht sections, search for your specific criteria and regions or check out some of our specials. If you're looking for a boat for a specific personal or corporate event, we have information and specific yachts for you as well.

Once you find the boat you want, you just let us know, either through the booking form on every yacht page, through a charter request, or just by contacting us. We will confirm availability, specifications and price and get directly back to you. This is a risk-free way of securing your boat - there is no obligation until you sign a contract. And of course you get the best price, so there's really no downside.

Important note - we do not charge you any fees or commissions. We receive our fees directly from the charter operators that we work with, and our price is the same as they would offer you.

Our Commitment to You

We will work hard and use all of our experience to find you the perfect boat. Our extensive contacts in the Yacht Charter business allow us to offer you unparalleled selection and to find the right boat easily and effectively. We guarantee best price - if you find the same boat in the same time period cheaper through any other agency, we will refund the difference.

To sum up – our service is free, we give you the best selection to choose from, we do the legwork, and the price is guaranteed best. A powerful set of reasons to work with us!

But don't just take our word for it - click here to see some of our customer comments on our service. This is one of our favorites!

I just want to thank you for all your hard work in setting up my wife and I on one hell of a day. The boat was fantastic, the weather and scenery were beautiful. You really made it a special day by going that extra mile in securing a reasonably priced boat for my wife and I to take out and enjoy ourselves. I will definantly be using your services again when my friends and I head off to the Caribbean next year and will be in direct contact with you since you were such a pleasure to work with.

A customer who rented a powerboat in Cannes during his honeymoon.

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