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Discover Capri, Ischia, Sorrento and Positano on your Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter

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A Brief Introduction To The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of Italian coastline synonymous with beauty, historic charm and romance. Drawing people to its shores since Roman times, the coastline has thrived on a successful history of maritime trade, wealthy nobility, the notions of myths and legends and has since achieved the celebrated status as a World Heritage Site. An Amalfi Coast luxury yacht charter will let you explore the rugged terrain, scenic beauty and pastel-coloured fishermen's houses that tumble down into the gorgeous blue bays.

The Italians love this part of their country and an increasing number of foreign visitors are learning that its charms make it perfect for yacht charters with family and friends. Check out our fantastic 7-Day Crewed Amalfi Coast itinerary so you can start deciding what you want to do and where to go! 

Amalfi Coast Crewed Motor Yachts

Luxury Motor Yacht Charter

The Amalfi coast has much to offer on a luxury yacht charter - during the summer months the coast is dotted with luxury crewed motor yachts enjoying the beautiful cliff-side towns, great shopping and clear waters along the coastline. Shopping in Capri and lunch at Positano are just two of the must see destinations. Wondering where you can go on your 7 day Amalf Coast crewed motor yacht itinerary? From chic Capri to pristine Ponza, our Amalfi Coast Itinerary is truly remarkable!

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Amalfi Crewed Sailing Yachts

Amalfi Crewed Sailing YachtsThe coast is steeped in the tradition of sailing these magnificent waters, visiting charming ports, and anchoring in a secluded bay protected by huge cliffs towering above your mast. With many boats available in the key ports throughout the region,  an Amalfi Coast luxury yacht charter is an excellent decision, as well as sailing charters on both monohulls and catamarans.

For those who enjoy performance sailing, the Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics occurs every year, usually in June. It rotates between the ancient Italian Maritime Republics of Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice under the patronage of the Italian Republic President. The competition is preceded by a historical procession with actors dressed in the characteristic cloths of the different Republics.

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Amalfi Coast Crewed Catamaran Charter

Luxury Crewed Catamaran Charter

The Boatbookings Broker Team know the very best crewed catamarans for your Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter. The area boasts one of best selections of catamarans in the world, offering almost every amenity, comfort and luxury for your time away with friends and family. Catamarans are ideal for family charters as they provide excellent space and stability, making all guests feel comfortable onboard. 

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Amalfi Coast Bareboat Charters


Naples, Capri and Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter

The rocky and rugged Amalfi Coast creates many natural, scenic and well-protected harbors, ideal for yachting holiday vacations and day charters. The mild year round climate means that chartering here is suitable at any time of the year with sailing conditions pleasantly relaxing and easy-going. Key types of Amalfi Coast Yacht Charters are luxury charters, sailing charters, and day charters, especially between Capri and Positano.

Amalfi Coast Bareboat Catamarans Amalfi Coast Bareboat Sailing Yachts

Amalfi Coast Day Charters

Day Charter

If you are vacationing anywhere along the Amalfi Coast, a strong recommendation is to plan a day charter to experience the coast from the water. A day charter will give you a more personal experience, allowing you to visit any beach you may stumble upon. For an authentic Italian lunch, you could even dine at a friendly sea side restaurant, away from crowds.

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The proximity of the destinations along the Coast and the delights of the Gulf of Naples mean that you can easily find time to explore both, it just depends on how much you want to do. Below are just some of the interesting and charming destinations along the Amalfi Coast, but we are sure that you will find plenty of your own too!

Amalfi Coast Charter Destinations

Please see below a guide to each of the key charter ports along the Amalfi Coast. Listings are from east to west.

Capri |Positano|Amalfi| Maiori | Minori | AtraniCetara| Praiano| Vietri sul Mare | Salerno  


The Isle of Capri is a rugged and rocky yet stylish and beautiful destination. It is a short cruising distance from Naples to the North and the Amalfi Coast to the South lending itself as an ideal place to stop when visiting either of the areas (or when cruising between the two!). Rising out of the sea to an impressive height, Capri is steeped in legends and myths. In Ancient Roman times, the emperor Tiberius chose this island to house his imperial residence. Capri is a haven for foodies, being home to some of the most delectable Italian restaurants in the world. Enjoy an authentic Caprese salad at La Fontelina Beach Club, or make a reservation for fine dining at Villa Verde. Better yet,  revel under the canopy of lemon trees at the famous Da Paolino restaurant, where you can enjoy your food within the true quaint atmosphere of days gone by. 

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Famed around the world for its romantic and dreamy nature, Positano is a mix of Moorish and European cultures and features a multitude of pastel coloured buildings. The town is so captivating that is often described as the star of the film ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. The myths and legends surrounding Positano are ideal for keeping children (even those in their 40s) entertained and the restaurants, bars and beaches are simply divine. 

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The namesake of this famous coastline, Amalfi is a town with a long and wealthy history. Though much smaller now than in ancient times due to a massive earthquake in the fourteenth century, it still maintains many of its prestigious landmarks and is home to one of the most famous sights in the Amalfi Coast, the stunning Duomo di Sant’ Andrea cathedral.

After the arrival of the Saracens in the IX century, Cetara soon began to participate in ancient marine traditions, in particular the catching and preserving of tuna fish and anchovies. The name of the town is even derived for the word for tuna 'Certaria' or sellers of tuna 'Cetari'. A speciality of the town is colatura di alici (anchovy sauce) and is made by skilled chefs using an ancient and secret recipe, and must be tried as a dressing for entrees.


Lying at the head of the Tramonti Valley, Maiori has become known for its connections with the Italian film director Roberto Rosellini and today is the host for the Rossellini film festival. The town also holds many other events mostly throughout the high season, including a five-church-marathon with musical and theatrical performances as part of the celebrations. You may be wanting to do this after you taste the local delicacy, an unusual combination of eggplants with a chocolate and nut sauce!


Like most of the towns along the Amalfi Coast, Minori was founded by ancient Roman nobility who, for its beauty and mild climate, chose to build luxurious villas’. One example of this can still be seen today at the Villa Marittima Romana, thought to have belonged to an important member of the imperial court. Fine examples of Italian architecture can be found here from the ancient roman villas and the Basilica of Santa Trofimena to the churches of Santa Lucia, San Gennaro and San Michele. Today, Minori is famed for its exceptional quality of food and this is celebrated each September in the fine food festival known as ‘Gusta Minori’ (Tastes of Minori).


Atrani a beautiful stop on an Amalfi Coast Charter

Away from the noise and bustle of other locations, the small fishing town of Atrani lies hidden from view enclosed by steep rocky walls. The town preserves the typical structure of a medieval town, with alleys, narrow streets, vaults, archways and small squares and courtyards. On the surrounding mountain slopes, bright and colourful flowers spill over the balconies of the distinctive white houses among the lemon orchards that reach down to the sea. This was the place the nobility of nearby Amalfi chose to live, and the Dogi (people of highest government authority) were crowned, a place of prestige.


After the arrival of the Saracens in the IX century, Cetara soon began to participate in ancient marine traditions, in particular the catching and preserving of tuna fish and anchovies. The name of the town is even derived for the word for tuna 'Certaria' or sellers of tuna 'Cetari'. A speciality of the town is colatura di alici (anchovy sauce) and is made by skilled chefs using an ancient and secret recipe, and must be tried as a dressing for entrees.


Praiano, like other places along this picturesque coastline, is surrounded by splendid landscapes that have lured Roman Emperors and the wealthy here since the first century AD. The town meets the sea, edged by the white fishermen’s houses prevalent in the area and features a baroque style church, the beautiful Church of St Luca the Evangelist. The town faces a small archipelago of three islands known as ‘Li Galli’ or ‘Sirenuse’, where the deadly mythical Sirens allegedly resided, and would lure sailors with their enchanting voices to shipwreck. Praiano is an intriguing place to stay and take small, yet interesting sailing day trips from Positano.

Vietri Sul Mare

Vietri sul mare on your Amalfi Coast Charter

Vietri sul Mare is the first town along the coast from Salerno and perfect for your first stop at a picturesque location. The local economy is based on the production of its unique brilliantly coloured ceramics and brickwork, which embellish the town’s buildings. The town has plenty of little shops to explore, a good beach and marina if you are thinking of staying here for a few days. 


Capri, Amalfi Coast

The largest city on the Amalfi Coast Salerno combines charm and individuality with its colourful past. Once Etruscan, and later a Roman colony, Salerno prospered after the arrival of the Normans in the 11th century. This ancient city is known for being the birthplace of the world’s oldest medical school, Scuola Medica Salernitana and for its imposing Castello di Arechi… the best place to begin your east to west journey along this glorious coastline.

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How to get to the Amalfi Coast

The main airports near the Amalfi Coast are the Naples international airport which is served by most major European airlines and the Airport of Salerno known as "Costa d'Amalfi" which supports some services from various European destinations.

For charters starting in Naples, we would recommend flying into Naples Airport (Aeroporto di Napoli Capodichino) before taking a transfer to your embarkation port.


The culture on the Amalfi Coast is just as you would expect from an Italian province with an amazingly beautiful setting; laid-back, friendly and pleasant. The historic prosperity of the region has led to the construction of many large and prestigious churches, villas and monuments in the affluent towns and today these are stunning backdrops to the exclusive boutiques, grand hotels and good restaurants that have appeared with the new tourism driven economy.

There is still something of the old Italian style in the area and it is unlikely to leave as the people are proud of their heritage and work hard at their town’s unique characters and attributes such as the ceramicists of Vietri sul mare, the tailors and sandal makers of Positano and the fine food of Minori.

Amalfi Coast Cuisine

Da Paolino Restaurant

With such a strong maritime influence, cuisine from the Amalfi Coast is dominated by the smells and tastes of seafood, in particular tuna and anchovies. And of course, you can enjoy and authentic Italian pizza that may make it difficult to eat pizza anywhere else!

The area is also world renowned for its lemon groves which have been famous since Roman times and now have a special body of people to look after and protect their identity and preservation. The lemons are used widely in Amalfi Coast cuisine and are the signature taste for the famous Limoncello digestif, which originates from Sorrento on the end of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Other specialities of the area are varied and diverse as you move from town to town, but pasta is always freshly made and fresh vegetables, in particular eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, Mediterranean herbs and good quality meats are prevalent.

There is also an exceptionally wide variety of local wine available which must be sampled with your meal.

Amalfi Coast Restaurant & Bar Guide 

Amalfi Coast History

The history of the Amalfi Coast and region of Campania is long, intricate and highlighted by periods under the rule of most of the civilizations that have swept their way through the Mediterranean region over the centuries. The most significant period in the area’s history has to be between the 9th and 13th century when the Maritime Republic of Amalfi was installed with Amalfi as the capital. The Republic was an important trading power and enjoyed extensive trade links with the East leading to the Moorish influences evident in many of the towns along the coastline.

Our Amalfi Coast Charter Yachts and Boat Rentals

A yacht charter Amalfi Coast is reputed to provide you with one of the most romantic stretches of coastline in Europe. Boatbookings knows the region and the boats and can find you the ideal charter yacht, be it bareboat, crewed, sail, luxury motor or catamaran. Click here to see our Amalfi Coast Charter Yachts or simply contact us and we'll recommend the best boat for you.


Amafli Coast Top Ten 'Must-Do's'

1- Pompeii
Covered by ash in AD 79 by the towering Mount Vesuvius, the ancient city has become a hotspot for travellers and tourists. Whether you’re an avid historian or not this fascinating site, lost for over 1,500 years, has become an attraction to over 2.5 million people a year and should not be missed.

2- Herculaneum
The more lavish and wealthy neighbour of Pompeii, Herculaneum met the same fate during Mount Vesuvius’ eruption. Today it is one of the few places you can see the impressive architecture and splendour of the Roman Empire, with furniture, buildings and even food preserved by ash.

3- Mount Vesuvius
The maker of Pompeii and Herculaneum’s fame, Mount Vesuvius is the only volcano in Europe to have erupted in the last 100 years. Close to the bay of Naples and reigning supreme over the Italian coastline, Vesuvius’ summit is accessible to visitors providing glorious views of the surrounding landscape.

4- Blue Grotto
On the island of Capri resides a beautiful sea cave, with sunlight passing through an underwater cavity the cavern is illuminated a stunning shade of blue, all the way down to its sandy base 150m below. Used as a marine temple during Roman times and even as the personal swimming pool of Emperor Tiberius, Blue Grotto’s walls hold a significant amount of history.

5- Ischia Thermal Baths
Once you have walked the ancient roads of Pompeii or Herculaneum you may wish to kick back and relax a little. Ischia, the largest of the Phlegrean Islands off the bay of Naples, is home to the self proclaimed European capital of wellbeing. Natural baths, mythically formed by Zeus from a giant’s tears, provide a utopian spot for some down time.

6- Mount Epomeo
Covered in vibrant green flora, the highest mountain on the volcanic island of Ischia is hard to miss. You can take a path to the summit from the nearby village of Fontana, making sure to catch a glimpse of the white lava that coats the upper echelons of this rocky landmark.

7- Da Paulino’s
Having been opened by Paulino under the famous lemon trees, at present restaurant, run by his son, serves freshly caught fish, high quality meats and locally produced desserts.

8- Sorrento Gelato
Enjoy genuine artisan gelato in Sorrento, and make the most of this quaint Italian town which provides plenty of attractions and stunning sceneries with which to enjoy your ice cream.

9- Seafood Lunch in Nerano
Enjoy an al fresco lunch anchored off the bay of Nerano. Allow your private world-class chef to treat you to some culinary delights whilst you enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Italian coastline from your yacht.  

10- Shopping in Capri
Capri’s centre includes a mix of luxurious stores and local producers who can provide you with something a bit more unique, from shoes and fabrics to pottery and jewellery.

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